Hello everyone, I read the article at www.horseracingnation.com and wanted to show you in more detail how Brent Sumja Won the Pick 4 at Santa Anita on Oct 12th/14.

The first thing I want to say it if you do not want to pay $2.99/past performance with TimeFormUS to find the pace in each race, you can use our app, and only pay $1.00/download, and actually see the pace speed scores in a spreadsheet format with our E2+Late Template in our iHandiCapPro iPad App.

OK, lets get started, taking the top 5 pace settings in All four Races in the Pick 4, our ticket will cost 5x5x5x5= $625($1bet), or $312.50($0.50bet). Brent Sumja won with his $0.50 per bet combo.

Race 6, show below by E2(4 furlongs), Brent took 7 here in this leg.

Scratches in Race 6 are 1, 13, 14

so you can see below we will take 12(99), 11(98), 10(95), 2(90), 3(89), so we will take 12,11,10, 2, 3 in this leg.

If you look closer and see that the 11 horse that Won Caciaci Dulima also has the best Late out of the top5 pacers with a 67 Late speed score, usually the best late out of the pace wins the race.

Also with the 14 horse scratched here the 11 horse is in the Top 2 of the Pace.

Lets goto race7 see below….


Ok, in Race 7 there is no scratches.

so we will take the top 5 pace setters here show by E2.
In Race 7 we will take 3(100), 8(92), 9(84), 10(83), 7(82), so 3,8,9,10,7 in this leg of Pick 4.

You can see we also have another Top2 in the pace here winning this race, the 8 has a better late than the 3 horse does.

Lets goto Race 8….


Ok, in Race 8 a 9.0Furlong Turf race, there is no scratches.

We will take top 5 pace show by E2(6 furlongs) , 5(104), 4(98), 9(96), 2(93), 3(93). so picks are 5,4,9,2,3 in this race.

The 5 horse Wins Race 8, and he appears to be a standout with a 104, 6 furlong pace speed score.


Ok, in Race 9, a 7 Furlong Dirt race we will take the top 5 pace at E2(4 furlongs).

Our best pacers are 8(96), 10(94), 7(93), 5(92), 3(89), so our picks are 8,10,7,5,3 in Race 9.

The 10 horse Matzoh Ball Magic, has a good pace of 94, not a great late of 60, but most of the other horse have slower late scores, the 8/10/3 have the best late out of the pace.

So the 10 Wins the Race and a huge payout of $79,346.65, and very nice payout, the $0.50 pays $ 39,673.30 Good Work Brent !


The Pick4 payouts are shown below:

The Results from Race 6 to Race 8 are below: